Camping With Luxury Bidet Toilets

This summer season, there is something totally new that our campers will find in their cabins. Each toilet in the cabins have been transformed with a luxury bidet toilet seat! Camping Bromont is known for its quality and comfortable camping experience. And our decision to install these new seats is one of the ways we deliver comfort to our campers! If you our visiting us this summer, we hope these seats give you a reason to try out our cabins instead of camping in a tent! Of course, the tent experience is also fun if you’re looking for something more adventurous.

The luxury bidet toilets are equipped with a warm water bidet spray and heated seats. They will help us minimize the amount of toilet paper and waste in the environment, so we hope you will give them a try. For those of you who haven’t used a bidet seat before, these are essentially toilet seats with a built-in bidet function. To operate it you push a button on the control. You can adjust the temperature and whether you want the front spray or back spray. They will leave you feeling very clean! 😉 If you haven’t made reservations for the summer yet we still have some vacancies in our cabins, so be sure to contact us today to make a reservation.

We went with the Toto s350e bidet seat for our cabins. These are named the best bidet for a number of reasons that you may like to know. Compared to other bidet seats, this is the first one that has sanitization capabilities. It sprays electrolyzed water to sanitize the toilet bowl and is actually very eco-friendly because it doesn’t require the use of harsh chemicals to keep clean. Electrolyzed water is actually salt water that has been passed through a current. So we hope our campers will appreciate this advanced and safe cleaning function. The next reason we went with this bidet is because it has a night light. In case someone needs to use the toilet at night, you no longer have to turn on the night light and disrupt the sleep of others in your cabin. The night light from the toilet seat is a gentle light that provides just the right amount of lighting. And finally, one of the things that we were impressed by was how comfortable it is to use this bidet. It even has a massage spray that feels super nice. So all in all, after trying the a number of bidets for ourselves, we went with the Toto, and we hope you will enjoy it too!

Making the Most of Camping


Camping season is back and we just thought we would write some reminders for campers visiting Bromont!


Without a doubt food is perhaps the top one of two things you’ll have to prepare when you go camping! At Bromont we have a number of convenience stores where you can pick up a few things you forgot at home, but the easiest thing of course is to be prepared! A reminder that fire is allowed on site at Camping Bromont, however all fires must be put out before 11:00 pm. And we don’t allow artificial fires of any sort.

When you are making food, the simpler the better! Come prepared with recipes that you can toss into one pot! This saves on the amount of dishes you have to do/bring as well as fuel costs. Try recipes that you usually don’t make at home to make things fun! Smores is always a good choice, especially with a campfire.

Pack only what you need to keep things light, and do all the chopping necessary at home so that when you come to the campsite half the work is already done for you. This will also limit the amount of tools you need to bring. Use a cooler to store foods, and try to freeze meats so that they last longer.


For a clean and comfortable tent, leave your shoes outside the tent and use a mat at the entrance to keep dirt out. Keep the tent zipped up to keep bugs out. Bring a small broom to sweep any dirt that might get in. And keep your belongings away from the side of the tent in case of any leaks from the rain.


When building a campfire, read signs to make sure there aren’t any restrictions on the location you want to build a fire. Firewood is on sale onsite. It is not permitted to take firewood off of trees as high-use campsites will be devoid of trees. It is also forbidden to bring your own firewood as we want to keep the spread of invasive insects and our environment safe. When you are building a fire, ensure you also have a bucket of water prepared to put out the fire.